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IL MOSTRO (2016)


Macchine che soffrono

El monstruo electrico

Download IL MOSTRO in a zip file within the songs in mp3 format.

Voice: Michele Gorlero.

Synthesizer and drum machine: Daniele Valagussa.

Guitar: Silvio Bianchi.

Music and Lyrics: Daniele Valagussa.

In "Macchine che soffrono" bass and guitars: Silvio Bianchi.

In "2013 messengers", bass: Silvio Bianchi, djembe: Marco Schiera, guitar: Luigi Sabadini.

The tale in the middle of the song "Stelle" written by Michele Gorlero.

The chorus in the song "El monstruo electrico" is the exorcism of S.Antonio from the obelisk in plaza S.Pietro at Vaticano City, adapted by Michele Gorlero.

The guitar solo in the song "Macchine che soffrono" has been improvised by Silvio Bianchi in the recording day.

(C) 2009 - Compressed in mp3 format, VBR at 48000 Hz .

(C) 2009-2011 Daniele Valagussa, music and lirycs are registered.
If you are a dj use them for your sessions, if you are not a dj use them for your pleasure.

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